The Resolution

The ball has dropped, confetti thrown, and the champagne drunk. This New Year has been thrust upon us, and the 363 days that lay ahead are akin to an illustrious mirage in the desert. Product of what our imaginations can conjure up, the future is much the same. So close your eyes.. what do you envision for this year? Do you see yourself travelling, climbing a mountain, or learning a new skill? Perhaps your desire is to simply make it through the year, if particular hardships are of your reality.

Whatever your “resolutions” are per say, I wish you the best in attempting and achieving them. My only advice that I can give you, as harmless and innocent as that of a friend, is to give yourself grace. One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to achieving goals, no matter what time of the year it is, is that we need to put upon ourselves an immense amount of pressure to succeed.

If your goals are quite immense, and perhaps a bit unachievable, if you put so much pressure on yourself, only to not succeed, the aftermath can be quite shocking. I ask that you give yourself the room to grow as a human being this year, but to allow yourself time and grace, to be imperfect, to fail, and to try again. Stay persistent in your quest for positive change and enlightenment this year, but allow it to runs its course.

Often I have found that our fate tends to follow a different (although similar) path than the one we would have imagined for ourselves. And it is often that with this slightly different direction, we are brought into an even more beautiful destination than what we originally envisioned. Have faith in the direction you are headed, even if you find yourself off the original “game path”. Allow your goals and dreams for this year to follow suit, let them grow and change and mould as the days go by and external factors handle them. Keep them pure and authentic to your heart, but allow them to take their own shape, as is meant for you.

And with that, I wish you all the best in your endeavours in 2017.

Miranda xo

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