What’s Next?

A year ago, I began my journey to become a personal trainer, and as I sit here today, the anticipation that I am close to achieving my goal is building constantly.

This past April, I attended three days worth of courses held at a local gym that were facilitated by a CanFitPro Pro Trainer. I truly feel that weekend helped me delve deep into my knowledge of personal training and how I could apply it practically to future endeavours in the industry. Through a variety of lectures and practical application activities, the group that I attended the course with all grew very close over our shared experience, and I believe that each person there will go on to be an incredible trainer.

I wrote my Personal Training Specialist Exam on June 11, which consisted of 100 multiple choice questions, as well as 200 marks worth of written theory questions. I am waiting on my results currently, but the optimist in me is already thinking of when I will complete my practical exam, and finally when I will begin my own business.

Mindfully Miranda was created when I was 16 years old, as I knew that I was going to have to build a solid foundation for my business, which like all good things, would take time. My desire to be successful at making a living while also doing what I love to share the gifts of health and wellness with others is what drives me to stay dedicated to my brand.

For three years I have shot photographs, written blog posts, created healthy recipes and workouts, and filmed YouTube videos with the intention to help others achieve their version of a healthy, happy life. I wanted to share my own struggles and what I had learned from them to do my part as a health and fitness influencer to lead people along a truthful path. I wanted to always be a source for people to come to for trustworthy, truthful and useful advice and insight, and so I researched and read and wrote.

The past few months, in preparation for the completion of my certification, I have begun working on my own ebook “The M.I.N.D. Body Soul Guide” which is a comprehensive 12-week Workout, Nutrition and Mindfulness Guide to help address the most important aspects of overall fitness, health and wellness.

Each week will focus on a task or goal surrounding the meaning behind each letter in the acronym, as well as feature photos and other useful interactive tools such as audio clips, mini guides and workbooks. It will be available by the end of this year for a one time purchase, at which time you can save it as a PDF document which makes it easily accessible to turn it into a book by taking it to a printing store.

This guide is my love letter to all of those who have ever stumbled across my blog, read a post or two, and decided to support me in my passion. I will always stand for each and every one of you. Thank you for allowing me to create in light and in love and in service to better the health of those who seek it.


Miranda xo

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