I am coming to learn that what we believe to be true about possession, whether that be in wealth, in love (and romantic relationships) and in general life, is actually the opposite.

Perhaps you too were brought up in a society that is built upon pinning its inhabitants against each other in a battle of “who has more” and “who has more than me must be happier than me”. In an attempt to climb this metaphorical ladder, some may even make the effort to step over ones who are below them instead of reaching a hand to help them climb alongside. This kind of thinking is void of the fact that we are all meant to experience the abundance of life on this earthen plane together, and to come to this experience by way of shared exchanges of affluence (helping our neighbours wherever we can).

There is no “me versus you”, so long as you believe this to be untrue and focus on living your life as if this doesn’t exist. Those who do believe in this mode of separation have probably never been taught anything but it, it is the job of the enlightened “Earth Angels” to teach about love, and to shed light on the eternal truth of oneness. Even so, we must remain vigilant in monitoring the ego, and preventing it from bringing fear based energy and thoughts into our lives, as this separates us from love.

In terms of romantic partnerships, we often fear that our lovers may leave us, and that we will be broken in the shadow of this event. This thinking stems from the worldly illusion that love is fleeting rather than eternal, and that we are limited to the encounters in this lifetime rather than a culmination of the wisdom of many lives lived before this. (Often involving our soul mates, which span across lifetimes)

Energetic cords (or ties) are created between two people involved in any type of relationship, and until these cords are consciously cut out of necessity (such as a toxic relationship), they will remain. This reinforces the fact that love energy between two people is resilient to the effects of time and space. Furthermore, there is no such thing as distance between two souls, as
they are continuously connected no matter the circumstance.

With the knowledge of how our interactions as human beings are a matter of creating, sustaining and cutting cords, I believe it further reinforces the need for us to focus on love and positivity in all that we do. If our energies are constantly intermingling with those around us, ensuring that your own is that of brilliantly strong positivity is crucial. It prevents you from being harshly affected by negativity as well as solidifies the fact that you can give freely without any toll on yourself. Whether what you give is material wealth, unconditional love, etc. I want to stress the fact that to give to others never takes away from yourself. Rather, it strengthens your positive vibration, while also doing the same to those around you. It is an everlasting circle of affluence, and the good fortune of others is in turn your own good fortune and visa versa.

We are all connected through the fact that we are children of the Divine.

Want to meditate on this?
Try using Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra), Citrine (Prosperity), Obsidian (Protection for your aura), Amethyst (Purification of your aura, connection to the Divine)



Miranda xo

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