Why is change such a crucial part of our evolution as humans? Why do we purposely seek it out one day, yet tremble in fear when faced with it the next?

I believe what it comes down to is our own perspective on what we have come to know as change, and perhaps the easiest way to get a clearer picture on it is to compare it to the seasons of the year.

When I come to think about what I love about each season; the warmth of a summer day, the misty rain of an autumn night, the tender snowfall in winter and the rebirth that comes along with spring, it is obvious that each season is inherently different. However, what does not change is the beauty that each season holds and the promise that it brings for renewal in our lives, akin to the renewal of nature that periods of rain, sun, cold and warmth bring. It is how flowers hibernate and then bloom months later. You are a flower. You need periods to decompress and settle in to yourself, to do the inner work in peace and quiet so that when the sun resumes its place in the sky, you will be ready to open your heart to it, like the petals of a sunflower.

Often, when in the cold of winter, or a hardship in our lives, we feel as though winter is eternal. That we will be perpetually in the dark. It is important that upon experiencing these feelings, you exhibit the discipline within yourself to recognize this as your souls cry for help. Go inward. Meditate daily. Journal out your thoughts. Smudge. Use angel cards, crystals, mediums and shamanic healers to help clear your aura and unblock any chakras that are facing difficulty.

The in-between period of change often brings to the surface things we wish we did not know about ourselves. It brings every fault, downfall and insecurity to light. This is not to embarrass us, or to berate us into feeling less-than. Rather, it is there to bring us into consciousness so that we can actively work to address these areas that need to be worked on.

I feel as though I am in a constant state of my soul crying out for change, and me scrambling to try and figure out what it is that I can do to improve situations in my life. This is often messy. It challenges my thoughts and beliefs about what I know to be true and what could potentially be an illusion.

Struggle is an illusion. A Higher Power is working behind the scenes at all times to bring things to order. We must let go, trust, and show up each day to do our due diligence and spiritual work.

Change is one of the greatest gifts we are given as a human race, for it allows for a deeper understanding, a higher enlightenment, and beautiful growth above all else. It is a privilege and our birthright to bring about glorious change. One of the best projects you can work on is yourself, as when you are brought to light you are better equipped to do your part to bring your light to the world.

Miranda xo

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