Healthy Living Inspired Date Ideas

I’d like to begin this post by recognizing that today is 11/11 – otherwise known as Remembrance Day in North America. Lest We Forget.

Now, today’s Wacky Wednesday post is for all of you lucky ducks out there who have a bae. Netflix and chill is pretty great, not gonna lie, but I want to inspire you to get creative with your date ideas without having to spend much $$ either! Having a significant other in your life doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your healthy lifestyle or feel embarrassed about it – taking care of your mind, body and soul on a regular basis makes all the relationships in your life even better.

Don’t have a sweetie? (*raises hand*) Don’t worry, you’re not alone as these ideas are perfect for you and your best friend, brother, sister, etc. – practically anyone you enjoy spending time with! So lets get into it!


Healthy Living Inspired Date Ideas

  1. The Gym Rat : For those of you afraid of rodents, don’t worry this is simply a figure of speech. 😉 There is something about sweating it out with a loved one that brings you closer together, and heading to the gym with your beau/belle is a great way to get a date and a workout in. If you look on Pinterest there are tons of couples workouts, but you don’t even need those to have a fun sweat sesh! Bikini Body Guide workouts are perfect for doing in pairs, as well as going for a run, spotting your partner on gym equipment etc. This goes for plenty of exercises – so find what feels good and go for it!
  2. The Betty Crocker : One of the traits that I find super attractive in a significant other is their ability to cook, or at least attempt to cook. Go back in the recipe archives on my blog, or head to my Nourish /Vegan Recipes Pinterest boards, pick a recipe to try, and get cookin’! If you don’t have the ingredients on hand as of now, grocery shopping with your cutie is also super romantic. Working together on trying out a delicious new healthy recipe is a great way to bond and introduce your interests to one another!
  3. The Hipster : Going outdoors is one of the most uplifting (and cheapest) forms of entertainment as nothing is better than fresh air, sunshine and foliage. Grab your other half, put on some comfy clothes and pick an activity! Go for a hike in the mountains (complete with buffalo plaid and beanies), a trail walk with your dogs, a scenic bike ride along the ocean or head to the park with a Frisbee, soccer ball, etc. The sky’s the limit (literally)!
  4. The Connoisseur : If cooking isn’t quite your thing, but you’re still in the mood for some healthy fare, take your sweetie and go try out a new healthy restaurant! Happy Cow (or plain old Google) is a great resource for finding restaurants in your areas, as well as checking out reviews before you make your final pick! When you get there, try sharing entrees, appetizers, etc. so that you can get a taste of everything! Bon appetit!


I hope this post inspires you to get creative your next date night (don’t lose the Netflix and chill part though, it’s all about balance). Enjoy!


Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

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