Mindfully Miranda’s Plant Based Grocery Cart

Hello lovebugs and welcome back to my little corner of the internet! Today’s post is inspired by the simply fact that when I first began my own health journey, my biggest issue was that I was completely lost when it came to “Healthy” food. The media tends to glorify health and fitness, constantly looking for “quick fixes”, “diet pills”, “skinny teas” and “10-day diets” that wreck havoc on your metabolism, your body and your mind, and quite frankly it is all bullshit. There is no “secret formula” to being healthy, and there are definitely no shortcuts along the journey.

Health and Fitness is a matter of making a commitment to yourself, to your body, to your mind and to all that you want to accomplish by coming into your highest power, and your version of your healthiest and happiest self. Sometimes it can be an uphill battle, and it takes consistency, hard work and putting in the effort, but boy will I tell you is it ever worth it. It is SO worth it to wake up every morning with energy and excitement for the day that is ahead of you, it’s SO worth it to enjoy a healthy meal, go for a fun workout and come back to see that your skin is glowing, your hair looks healthier, and you FEEL more amazing overall. It is by far the greatest gift you can give yourself because it enhances every other area and aspect of your life.

Through Mindfully Miranda I want to do my part to help you along your journey, to encourage, support and uplift you. I strive to give you the RIGHT information, the “real” stuff  that will be useful, applicable and HELPFUL to you, and that’s why I created a Grocery Cart List that will give you some guidance when you don’t necessarily have my blog right in front of you, because this tool can be printed out, saved to your camera roll, etc. to have with you wherever you go!

Now I want to tell you that this is not the Holy Grail of health, and it doesn’t need to be followed to-a-T to mean that what you’re eating is “healthy”. Healthy food is anything that nurtures you from the inside out, healthy choices food-wise mean energy for your cells to run off of. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a cookie can’t be healthy for you because perhaps that’s what your soul needs at that moment. What’s important here is recognizing that the majority of your fuel should come from whole, minimally processed, real food that is sourced as naturally as possible – from the Earth. And it doesn’t begin and end here, I’m sure that there is a wide array of other foods not listed below that are just as good for you, these are just some suggestions based off of what I find I eat the most frequently.

I created a helpful list of some Plant – Based foods that can serve as suggestions for what you can pick up next time you’re at the grocery store. I did not include any fruits and veggies because I EAT ALL THE VEGGIES and seriously man, just go buck wild with the fruits and veggies you eat, they’re all fab. And the amounts of these foods do not matter, I suggest you listen to your body because it knows best and it will gently lead you towards making the right decisions for yourself and for your goals. It’s about eating better, not less. Fill your plate with healthy, vibrant and colorful whole foods and your body will thank you, trust me.

Here it is:

Mindfully Miranda's Grocery List

Healthy Miranda

I hope you all enjoy, and find this helpful! Let me know what you think below!

Contemplative Miranda

Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

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