FitBit Charge HR Review: Why I love my Activity Tracker

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As some of you may know, I purchased a FitBit Charge HR just over a month ago. I was in a workout rut, I felt unmotivated (which may sound crazy to you, but it happens to all of us), and I was in desperate need of something to “shake things up”. After hearing some pretty amazing reviews of the FitBit Activity Trackers, I decided to take the plunge and buy myself one to see what all of the hype was about. (And if I’m being completely honest, those FitBit Commercials on TV are so badass they convinced me in themselves)


Now whether you’re looking to buy an Activity Tracker, or even if you’ve never given it a second thought, I encourage you to take a read through this post because I love my FitBit, and I want you to, too.

So why do I love my FitBit Charge HR so much? 

  1. It has a built in Heart Rate Monitor: Until I bought my Charge HR, I had never used a Heart Rate monitor, nor did I have any real idea of what my Heart Rate normally looks like. I have worked out for 2+ years with no real indication of what “type” of workout I was getting in other than how much of a burn I was feeling (lol). Now, when I go in the gym, I receive real-time stats, via my watch’s screen, of where my Heart Rate is sitting. When I later check my FitBit App, I can see what percentage of my workout Burned Fat, was Cardio, or was in my “Peak” Heart Rate zone. This, along with how my body is feeling, gives me better insight of when I can push a little bit harder, or maybe slow down a bit, depending on what type of workout I am doing. It also checks my resting heart rate, which uses data over time from my sleep cycles and natural relaxed states to tell me exactly where I should be sitting, depending on my stress levels, etc.
  2. It Tracks Every Workout: By pressing a small, barely visible button on the side of my watch, I can ensure that my workout starts being tracked immediately. While working out, my watch slides show me the duration of my workout, how many calories I’ve burned, my current heart rate, steps taken, km taken and flights of stairs climbed. When I press the same button to signal the end of my workout, it replays all of the stats from my workout, and then adds them to my daily stats. I can later view my workout via my App, which will show me my heart rate zones during the workout, how many calories I burned per minute, as well as the impact it had on my day.
  3. It has a Functional, Easy-to-Use App: In the Apple App Store, you can download FitBit’s free App, which wirelessly syncs with your FitBit watch when in close range, and gives you a clear, detailed review of: Steps Taken, Your Current & Resting Heart Rate, Hours with 250+ steps, How Many Km/Mi you’ve taken, Calories Burned (and total Calorie Burn Goal Daily), How Many Floors You’ve Gone Up, How Many Active Minutes You Have Had, and Your Daily Workout (which you can either mandate via a button on your watch, or have the watch automatically sense it). The app also has options to set up your current weight, goal weight, calories eaten, how much water you’ve had, as well as how many hours of sleep you got the previous night, which you can either add manually, or use your Charge HR to automatically sense. You can also review periods of restlessness during sleep as well as how many times you awoke during the night, which I find particularly helpful as someone who suffers from insomnia. Practically everything on your watch can be customized to suit your own health and fitness goals via the app, which enforces the fact that fitness isn’t a “one size fits all” thing, and that everyone deserves to reach their own goals.
  4. It has a Sleek, Stylish Look: After looking at the pictures I provided of my FitBit, it’s clear that the designers took time to make sure that they created the FitBit to be both functional and fashionable. The band itself is a durable, easy-to-clean rubber material, with a clasp that is built to make the watch fit your wrist perfectly. The watch face has a sleek, small rectangular screen, that upon flicking your wrist, or pressing the small button on the side, lights up with the time and date. If you press the button multiple times, it will show you your daily stats next to cute, pixelated symbols of each category. The watch is quite thin considering it includes a heart rate monitor (which hides on the underside), and it fits quite seamlessly into your style whether at the gym or on a night out. I wear my FitBit all day long to ensure it gets accurate results, and I take it off to shower, which is when I charge it. I do recommend using a disinfectant such as a Lysol wipe daily, to clean it down and ensure that no bacteria or icky smells develop on your watch (or wrist).
  5. It Gives me Accurate, In-Depth Stats of my Daily Activities, and Extra Motivation: There is nothing that motivates me more now that I’ve been using my FitBit for a month than seeing that I only need 500 more steps to reach my daily goal of 10,000, or seeing that I am sedentary during the mornings and could use to get up and move a bit more. When I am receiving up-to-date, accurate reflections of my day-to-day life, I have a clear insight on what ways I can improve in order to better my overall health and fitness, and the best part is that I want to. My FitBit keeps me accountable, informed and inspired to make the most out of my day and really just go after the green (which shows up in each category on the app once you’ve reached your goals). Receiving badges for reaching a certain total steps, flights, etc. is a fun reward for all of the hard work I put in on a daily basis, and really, my FitBit is a reward to myself for choosing to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

To give you a better idea of how these features work, here is a screenshot of one of my past daily stats via my FitBit App:

fitbit stats






So there you have it folks! I hope you all found this review helpful, and that it inspires you to get up and get moving, whether you choose to use a FitBit or not (even though they’re fab and I totally recommend them).

Wishing you above all Health and Happiness

Miranda xo

Contemplative Miranda

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