What do you stand for?

Do you stand up, only to be pushed back down?

Well get up again, because you’ve got places to go and no one is going to get you there but yourself.




I would be lying if I said that I’ve never experienced failure, pain, or discouragement. We all have seasons in our life when the only way out is through. And sometimes what we have to go “through” is less than ideal. Periods of immense growth come from challenges, they come from adversity, they come from failure, but you know what? You’re strong enough to handle it. We are all strong enough to handle whatever comes our way.


Does it suck? Hell yeah.

Does it make or break us? It makes us.

I can tell you right now, that every difficult journey you have embarked upon has led you right up to this moment.

Are you healthy?

Do you have people who love you?

Do you have a place to call home?

How about food, water, etc.?

If you do, you’re luckier than most people. You have all the tools that it takes to continue on your path. Everything, no matter how insignificant, annoying, depleting, wonderful, encouraging, whatever, was meant to be. It brought you here. It brought you to my blog. So my next thought is.. What is my part in all of this?

I realized it a long time ago, when I was 16 years old, albeit confused and lost, I had an epiphany. I asked the Universe for a sign as to what my life’s purpose was (picture me; hair shorter, quite a bit smaller and more nervous, squinting into the sun and asking for a sign, it’s kind of comical, really). I tell the truth when I say that maybe just a day later, I was scrolling through Instagram and came across “Deliciously Ella”, a woman who had healed herself from a debilitating disease through food. I was awestruck. It was in that moment that I discovered that I wanted to help people heal themselves in regards to food.

A quick Google search later led me to Holistic Nutrition, and later to The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and now it’s led me to Can Fit Pro and Personal Training. And no matter what anyone tells me about how “I will never actually have people want to pay me for ‘helping them’ with nutrition”, or “finding actual paying clientele is near impossible”, they can shove it. Because I can and I will. I mean, the Universe told me for God’s sake!! 😉 Have you ever experienced this kind of background noise in your life? It’s called dogma. And trust me, you don’t need that crap. You’ve got this, darlin’. You’ve had it since the moment any desire has ever been placed in your heart.





Now, I imagine my life’s direction (my “fate”) as a shiny ball, maybe silver or something, sitting stagnant on a pedestal, as it always has been. What is in store for me has always been captured inside that ball, but not yet set in motion. It sits there, waiting, until the moment when I reach true spiritual, emotional and physical maturity. As the ball begins rolling, I begin to see, hear, experience things that lead me further on my path. I begin to meet certain people, find myself in certain places, and desire particular things. All of this is continuously happening for me, and every second of every day, I feel it pushing me towards something in the distance, which becomes more visible each day. And if this “ball” hasn’t begun to roll already for you, it sure as hell can. It begins, when you take a stand.






What do I stand for?



Physical Fitness.

Mental Strength.



“Doing it yourself”.


Teaching, sharing, learning.


Trail blazing.

Pure and utter bliss.



Living for sensation.

Hard work and dedication.


I stand for myself and for Mindfully Miranda. I stand for my hopes, my dreams, my desires, and my unique and special talents. I stand for my own unique purpose in life. I stand not only for myself, but for everyone around me. I stand for you.



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