Vegan / Cruelty Free Cosmetics and Shower Products

“How can you tell if a person is a vegan or not?” “Well, they’ll tell you.” 

Now that I’ve got your attention with that corny (but maybe cringingly true) joke, let’s be real here peeps. If you wanna walk the walk, you can’t just talk the talk. So it’s remarkable, really, to say that you don’t eat meat, seafood, or animal biproducts, but the real gold is when you also become informed on all the many other ways cruelty can become apparent in your life. One of the major culprits is in hair/makeup/beauty products, where milk derived items and gelatin often lurk.

Today’s blog post is a space where I want to share with you my favourite head to toe products that are cruelty free, all while being totally fabulous. Click through links are attached to each title, so go ahead, start scrolling!


INECTO Argan Shampoo and Conditioner : this stuff is life changing, and makes your hair oh so smooth – read: you need to try this vegan friendly line of haircare products.


Witch Hazel Toner : remove makeup, cleanse your face, and ensure your pores are squeaky clean. I love this!

Coconut oil : do you even need me to explain? Moisturizer, shaving cream, you name it, coconut oil does it!

Andalou Products : cruelty free and absolutely luxurious, their line of rose hip infused cosmetics is pure heaven. from their face oil, to their foaming cleanser, eye roller, face scrub, body wash, it’s all a dream!

LUSH Ocean Salt : infused with avocado and sea salt, this scrub smells amazing, and leaves your skin so fresh and soft.

LUSH Sandstone : this lemon-y scented, incredible soap bar has little granules of sand in it to both exfoliate and leave you smelling great! Plus, LUSH is the pioneer of cruelty free AND vegan, lets be real.

FLOWER Cosmetics by Drew Barrymore : this cruelty free brand makes my PERFECT match BB cream, as well as an awesome foundation stick that doubles as concealer, aaaaand a light face powder. She also has brushes, nail polish, lip products, you name it!

ESSENCE Cosmetics : from gorgeous eyeshadow palettes to eyeliner, nail polish, brow kits, clear gels, lip liners and lipsticks, there’s not a product from this cruelty free, (inexpensive), brand I won’t try!

Smashbox : As far as I know, their products in Canada are still cruelty free, and I’m glad because I love them! You cannot go wrong with ANY of their cosmetics, ever.

Saje Essential Oil Sprays for Natural Wellness : ranging from every scent possible, their products are uplifting, invigorating, and smell awesome. Choose from luxurious rose, to an immune booster, or even their roller balls for headaches (peppermint halo).


Contemplative Miranda


Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

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