(S)he’s No You

Because I’m all about realness over here at Mindfully Miranda.. this post was inspired by Jesse McCartney’s hit single from the early 2000’s, She’s No You. I wish I was kidding.

(S)he’s No You

I think that when it comes to the fitness industry, the habit of idealizing a certain body type is a massive thing. Whether you are male or female, there is a type of “aesthetic” that is expected for you as you train. Whether it’s a round, lifted butt, tiny waist and shredded arms, or huge biceps and an 8-pack (6 just doesn’t cut it anymore), there’s always a box we are supposed to fit into.

You know what? I say screw that.
Own who you are right now, while working towards sculpting the body that YOU want. Not the body that society tells you to have. No matter if you’re tall, short, curvy, lanky – WHATEVER your body is beautiful. It is your home, your temple and your responsibility. Treat it with love and kindness, feed it nourishing foods, and exercise with consciousness of how you are benefiting your health.

I know it can be extremely taxing to keep your mind off of the thousands of images we are bombarded with on a daily basis via social media, magazines, and tv .. but if you ever find yourself lost, frustrated, or feeling low, think back to this post.

Tell yourself that you are putting every once of effort you have into working towards loving and appreciating your body every step of the way, along the road to where you want to be. And when you do get there, because I believe in you and know that you will, you will come to understand that the real beauty of it all is in the journey.

Keep setting goals, keep smashing the shit out of them everyday, and keep believing in yourself. You’re a badass, who’s choosing to improve their health and fitness for their own quality of life. Regardless of what anyone tells them or thinks. I stand for YOU.

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness
Miranda xo

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