Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself

Another blog post, another title inspired by a song. But this one is actually quite good, and I’d like you to take a listen to it. If you’re into that kinda stuff I mean.

Whether you’re on your own health and fitness journey, you’re trying to finish your schooling, or going after a job promotion, sometimes the pressure of life can get to a person. Feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, and criticism towards your own efforts invade your thoughts.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Like it says in the song, everyone falls down, everyone messes up, and nobody is perfect.

Even if from the outside your (or someone else’s) life seems ideal and picture-perfect, everyone has something they are going through, something they have overcome, and something that they have struggled with.

Be compassionate towards YOURSELF and towards OTHERS. Extend grace towards the plight of others and yourself. Learn to forgive, learn to let go of negativity that no longer serves your highest good.

Focus on your own aspirations, your own life and your own progress. Be gentle with yourself along each step of the journey. You are doing your best, and each step of the way is just as incredible as the end result you so desire. You are incredible just the way you are right now. Believe it.

Keep trying, keep striving, and keep believing.

This will all be a part of your success story someday.

fast miranda

I stand for you.

Miranda xo

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