Shoulders & Core // Mindful Movement

Hey loves and welcome back. Today’s post is another teaser at “Mindful Movement”, a workout program created by yours truly, which will be available later this year. One of the key reasons I wanted to put together today’s post was to share with you an insight into what the program will encompass so you can decide if it’s something you would be interested in.

With that all said, let’s get into it!

Note that the weights indicated are what I personally choose for myself based on exercise experiwmde and current strength. Everybody and every body is different, so please exercise caution while following these workouts, choosing an appropriate weight and set/rep number. Always work within a pain-free range. 

Shoulders & Core:

One Arm Cable Lateral Raises (4X10 each arm, go for a light weight)
Super: 8 hanging leg raises every 2nd set
Upright Cable Rows (4X10, 45lbs)
Super: 40 mountain climbers
Front Raises using Barbell (4X10, 25lbs)
Super: 1 min plank
Shoulder Presses (4X10, 15lb dumbbells)
Super: 10 shoulder shrugs

Burnout: 15lb slam ball squat & slams paired with yoga ball pikes (3X15)
Myotatic Crunches: 2X20


Xo Miranda

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