Yes, you read that correctly. And hopefully don’t already have the words to the song stuck in you head, because I sure do.

Now I ain’t saying that you’re a goal digger, but if you ain’t messing with your dreams..

I’ll stop now. 

Basically, what I want to do here is to reinforce the importance of having goals, a vision, and the drive to try and create a life in which they are your reality. Quite often, the Universe has even better dreams for us than we could have ever imagined, and so our lives may take on a slightly different course. The one thing that stays constant regardless of the situation is that whatever the outcome; it’s pure magic, bliss, wonder and all of those other intoxicating words.

But how do you get a vision? Where do dreams come from? What dictates what’s possible and what’s more of a “pipe dream”?

It’s you. It’s your thoughts. It’s your words. It’s your actions.

There is no dream too out-there, no goal too ambitious, and no desire too frivolous for the Universe to take care of it for you. So show up every day, make an effort, keep hope alive, and believe. Just as I stand for you, so does the Divine, and it is our birthright as humans to live out our wildest and more desired dreams. We are supposed to be blissfully and incandescently happy, to live out the most pure and beautiful love stories, to laugh, sing, smile, and dance every day. To feel bliss in presence of a sunrise, joy in the tune of our favourite song, peace in the expansive waves that skim the surface of the ocean; to experience the miracle of consciousness.

Where do you start?

  • Write it down. Your words have power. “I will own this business.” “I will travel to Greece.” “I will feel this love.” “I will be successful.” “I will love my body.”
  • Vision Board. One of my favourite tools of manifestation. Clip articles, photos, words, phrases, whatever it is that visually speaks to your heart and your dreams.
  • Visualize. Spend no more than 5 minutes a day with your eyes closed, simply imagining yourself living out your dreams. Think of what your surroundings look like down to the very last detail, but also think of the smells, sounds and sensations that are a part of this dream. What does it feel like to be here?
  • Act. Dedicate at least 5 minutes per day towards doing something that you feel will bring you closer to your goals. For me, that involves writing a blog post, creating a workout or working on a section of my M.I.N.D. Body Guide
  • Believe. Fake it ’til you make it. Pretend as if you dreams are already alive and true, that you are already living out this wonder. Feel it happening now, and enjoy having all that you desire. It’s on it’s way, I promise.


Miranda xo

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