This one goes out to all of my fellow hippies, gypsies and soulful babes out there.

Have you ever met someone, and almost immediately upon seeing them you just get a sense of such a zen, positive vibe?

If you’re in-tune to *ish like that, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about. That is a high-vibin person you just encountered.

If you’re wondering what the hell I am even talking about, let me take a minute here and introduce you to the concept of a badass soul-warrior.

And while we are on the topic of these shimmery, radiant beings of light + love, I am going to give you some tips to help yourself get on a similar level of positivity.

Because there is LITERALLY no such thing as too much positive energy. We could all use a little more, myself included.


This is all the type of stuff you will find in a New Age store. 

  • PALO SANTO. Holy wood for clearing away any bad juju. Smells divine. Works with the Divine.
  • CLARY SAGE.  The real McCoy of negative energy blasting herbs. Good for rooms, cars, offices, even your own body.
  • HEALING CRYSTALS. Their positive energy can help uplift you in many ways. Plus their beauty is uplifting in itself.
  • PENDULUM. Asking your Guardian Angels for help and advice. Almost like Text Messages with the Creator, but where they can only answer YES/NO/NOT RIGHT NOW.
  • INCENSE. It smells nice, similar properties to burning clary sage. Comes in convenient sticks and holders.
  • MEDITATION PILLOW. Because everyone should meditate. Mental Clarity = Inner Peace.
  • ANGEL/ANIMAL/SPIRIT GUIDE CARD DECKS. Ask Divine Beings for answer to your deepest and most poignant questions.

If you’re into purchasing or learning about any of these High Vibe Tools, I’ve provided click-through links to give you some info as well as online sites.


Keep on Shining, darlin. 

Miranda xo




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