I truly believe that everyone should have an outlet. Something that is mildly productive, while also being enjoyable enough to release any stored negative energy or frustration. Now what this outlet is can vary from person to person, but it should always remain somewhat constructive (bad behaviors discouraged). Our minds are wildly vast places, and with so much going on inside of them, sometimes the pressure can become almost too much to bare. When I feel like my mind has become subject to chaos, I have a few creative outlets that help me regain my center. Perhaps these will inspire you to think about what ways you choose to release stress, or help guide you into a positive outlet.

  • Writing
  • Exercise (High Intensity: Running, HIIT Training, Powerlifting)
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

What I have found to be even more effective than simply waiting until I am stressed to perform one of these actions is for me to actually choose one or more of these activities and program them into my morning routine or make them a habit I do daily. I like to begin my mornings with writing in my journal (some excerpts make it to a blog post) and meditation, then after breakfast I choose the exercise I will be doing for the day. I workout 4-6 times per week depending on how busy I am – I like to do 4 days of weight training and 1-2 days of simply cardio (such as a 5K run). If I am lucky enough to have a large chunk of my morning unoccupied, I like to head outside and wake up my muscles before the gym by doing some yoga. I know for a fact that when I take time each day to organize my thoughts and feelings (Cancers out there, you know how emotional we are), as well as sweat out some frustration and welcome in positive endorphins from exercise, I am a more well balanced, happier person. It is when I rush through my day and neglect doing at least one of these things, that I find my inner peace slipping, and myself getting irritated, cranky or over emotional.

Before I became the health enthusiast I am today (yes, a time like this does exist lol), I had always found solace in writing. I have always been able to better convey my thoughts and feelings through written word rather than actually speaking them. I thought it might be something fun and different to share a few of my writing pieces with you today. Enjoy 🙂

Blending In (SLAM Poem)

A new shell, they told her

Switch out your ancient cape

For this new iridescent shape

If you are to be a convalescent

Do not dwell in your adolescence

The call of your future is incessant

Holding on is a mere suppressant

Its invasive nature a depressant

This new idea is effervescent

Strikingly incandescent

And this message is the essence

Brought forward in mere seconds

As a lesson in compression to the oppression

Epilogue: His Perspective

Looking back now, I don’t know what prompted me to do it, to pull her into my arms for what I thought would be one last time. Maybe it was the stormclouds in her eyes, or the fire she carried in her step, the power of her words. Yet in that moment, I knew that a part of me would always love her, and I couldn’t let go of that so suddenly. If I close my eyes just long enough, I can still feel that moment, the pressure of her small figure against my chest, how her head fit into the crook of my neck. I can feel myself pull her tighter, silently telling her everything that I have ever been too insecure to put into words. I can smell her jasmine perfume, see her auburn hair in the sunlight filtering through the window, feel the warmth of the sun’s rays on my back. I can still draw upon how I felt then, like I was never going to let her go again, once being far too many times already. I think what people don’t realize, is that we have an infinite power to change our lives. Within each moment is the chance to set a course on a new journey, to alter our fates, write our own destinies. In that split second decision, when I leaped from my stagnant position, beckoning her back into my arms, I made my choice.

Intellectual Property of Miranda Tompkins

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