Too often in life are we held back by the limits that we subconsciously set for ourselves. The process of self-monitoring is so far embedded in our minds, that we do not even realize what is occurring right before our eyes. Children are some of the only beings who I believe to possess the ability to suppress this learnt notion in order to live their lives with no inhibitions. If I am being too vague here, I am referring to situations in which we deviate from what our heart truly wants in order to go with the more practical, safe or easy option. When we want to drive a convertible, we choose the practicality of a Honda Civic, furthermore, when we want to be entrepreneurs and begin our own businesses, we choose instead to follow a career path that is stable, but completely devoid of imagination or creativity. These things snuff out our light, yet we continue to choose to ignore the call of our souls for fear of stepping out of our own comfort zones. Even when it comes to health and fitness, perhaps you find that starting your new healthy lifestyle is so intimidating that you fail to even begin.

That’s the thing about comfort zones, they may feel secure, but nothing ever grows there. It is like a garden with infertile soil and no sun to shine upon it. When you have a garden lacking in the colour and vibrancy of foliage and flowers, it lacks beauty and imagination. Imagine you taking charge of this garden, with a shovel in hand and a watering can. This garden is now your own life, and you are now choosing to plant seeds of joy and new beginnings. See the sun peek out from over the horizon, see gentle rain falling upon your pastures, nurturing the hopes you have planted for your future. It is up to you to stand up and make an effort towards your own plot of land. An effort to make it live up to your dreams.

See below, me with my first ever business cards for Mindfully Miranda..

It’s not to say that you can’t enjoy a life that is “fool-proof”, because you certainly can. Rather, it is to shed light on the possibility of what could be or what if?

What if? 

I studied to move into the career of my dreams.

Booked a flight to travel to my dream destination.

Took a chance on the love I deserve.

Started my own business.

Chose to drive the car I want.

Wore the clothing that expresses my inner truth.

Started to exercise and eat healthy, for ME.

Chose to LOVE myself so ferociously that I made choices that reflect my own goals, dreams and aspirations. 

Stepped outside of my comfort zone and CHOSE to live my life by my own design.


Imagine yourself now in 6 months time, in 12 months time, in 2 years, in 5 years – WHERE WOULD YOU BE BY THEN IF YOU STARTED RIGHT HERE AND NOW?

How much closer would you be to waking up each day with a purpose? How much closer would you be to enjoying the most minute and mundane tasks in your 24 hours simply because you have so much fun getting there? You love your job, you love your car, where you live, who your partner is, what you look like, you love HOW YOU FEEL.

This isn’t about recklessness or insanity, this is about self expression and learning to say YES. Learning to take what you DESERVE and anoint YOURSELF.

You don’t need to be afraid, for if these things that you want to bring about in your life come from your very SOUL, you can rest assured that they are what has been designed for you, and that you only need to follow your instincts in order to bring them about. They are written into the blueprint of your destiny, and the Universe always wants wyat is best for you. It would not place a desire in your heart if it was not meant to bring beauty and happiness into your life. Seek it out, trust it, and follow it.

Stay Golden,

Miranda xo

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