Bold, bravecourageousintrepidvaliant, valorous, gallantdaringaudacious, etc.

I heard once somewhere that to bravery is not the absence of fear, but rather the acknowledgement of the fear and the perseverance to push past it and do what scares you anyways. This has been a model regarding ones actions in life that I appreciated instantly, and one that I have pondered on its applicability to my own doings. With 2018 fast approaching, I encourage you to look at the synonyms I have listed above for fearlessness. How have you integrated them into your life? Do you have a desire to? How can you apply them to your own life in the New Year?

It takes courage to start a fitness journey.

It takes bravery to stand up for what you believe in, and live out your own organic truth.

Choosing to love who you want to is a valiant effort; so is choosing love over hatred.

You are daring when you express yourself in the ways that you desire, whether that be in clothing, decor, art, music, etc.

When you travel to the destination of your dreams, you are living out the definition of “intrepid”.

It is bold of you to be confident in your own skin this upcoming year.

I could go on for days about the rhyme and reason behind all of these words, but I think by now you get the point.

The reason that it is important to do things that take fearlessness is that more often than not, these are things that push you to go outside of your comfort zone and grow. They force you to go out on a limb and reach towards something that you truly WANT. 

As quoted by Mark Twain,

Go out on a limb, isn’t that where the fruit is?

Like trees, we must bend with the wind otherwise we face the risk of snapping entirely from the resistance to the winds of change. It can break you if you resist for too long, and as with many things in life, the sooner the better. Don’t you want to get to your goals and start living the life you have aspired to as soon as possible? I have never been an aggressively patient person, so this ideal has always appealed to me. The sooner you start, the sooner you get there. (Although, some things are worth waiting for, it just depends on what it is that you are waiting for.) Sometimes you must plant a seed and attend to it daily, fostering it’s growth with light.

If 2017 has been anything for you like it has been for me, you have gone though a great period of growth, self-realization and lots and lots of CHANGE. Change in itself is a scary subject; I made the decision to quit a job I had fallen into complacency with, leave two relationships that were no longer serving me, start a new position full time Personal Training, as well as move into my own place. As much as it scared me to practically uproot every aspect of my life, I was hungry for new sights, sounds, and spaces; I was desperate to change my routine. When things become stagnant in your life and you begin to feel uninspired, it is of the utmost importance that you find a way to create a new wave of energy.

This also applies to fitness, as I tell my clients, in order to prevent plateauing in your workout program, you must constantly be introducing new stimuli in order to keep your muscles guessing. As with anything in life, there is the potential to overdo things, but I would not stress this matter too much, as for most of us changes are small and incremental.

Something that should also be small and incremental are your daily efforts towards fearlessness – it does not have to be an all-encompassing overhaul of your entire life that takes place overnight, but rather something that you set your intention to address in a small way whenever you can. You may not always have the opportunity to do something that scares you, but by all means, when even a sliver of possibility passes by you, REACH OUT AND GRAB IT.

Let 2018 be the year where you take what you deserve, and set claim to the life of your dreams. The Universe has set out for you all of the resources that you need in order to live out your purpose. The dreams that you hold dearest to your heart have been laid there by the Divine, and if I have learned anything, it is that the Universe wants you to be happy and live the life that you desire. We are the ones who set limitations by the false beliefs that we are not deserving of such riches, yet it is our birthright to live blissfully.


To fearlessness,

Miranda xo


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