7 Things I Learned in 2017

7 things I learned in 2017

1. Decide. If this is the life I want to live. The person I want to love. The career path I want to follow. What I think we sometimes fail to realize, is that by our choices and how we act upon them, we can alter the course of our lives in a major way. This year I learned to reflect upon different aspects on my life and how I felt about their effects on my happiness. Did I want to continue along making the choice to carry out this action? If not, I made a change. If so, I continued along knowing my choice was right.
2. Take a break. I have never been truly successful at taking a proper break, I have a pension for always pushing myself to my breaking point. Whether it’s an injury, or seasonal illness, I will continue to push myself just as hard without slowing down to rest or heal. This year I finally learned how to slow down and take a break every once and awhile when I truly need it. My body has thanked me in so many ways for this.
3. Live a balanced life. I tend to give myself hell if I miss a training day, or veg out rather than doing something productive, or don’t follow my macros properly. This year, I have been so unimaginably busy that sometimes I have no other option but to fall off course slightly. Last year, the thought of not following a strict regime would have caused me to feel guilty that I had let myself down. As humans we must give ourselves grace to falter slightly, we are imperfect but there is nothing wrong with that.
4. Savour the moment. Far too often had I gotten caught up in making sure my actions and words were perfect, which was a great way to ensure that I kept myself so busy trying to avoid mistakes that I was making the greatest mistake of all; letting my life pass me by without living in the present. This year I have learned to allow myself to let go, to not get caught up in anticipating the next move, to just be.
5. Anoint myself. Gone are the days of choosing my path based on what I think others will think or want. This year I made it my intention to truly think about what I wanted, and to make sure that I believed that I was allowed to have it! By doing this, I was able to make choices and decisions based on what I believe to be best for me and for my life. After all, I am the one who has to live in my shoes, I might as well be glad to follow along the path I choose.
6. Go Outside my Comfort Zone. Sure, comfort zones can be a great place, but nothing ever grows within their tight confines. In order to be constantly evolving as human beings, we must be accountable to our actions and understand that if we become complacent we stunt our spiritual growth. This year I have done things that scared me (as mentioned in my previous post, “Fearless”), and I have been all the better for it.
7. Positivity even when it seems Impossible. Life will always throw up a curve ball or two, but it’s how we react to this that defines our outcome and our outlook on life. I will always choose a positive one.

Wishing you all the best in 2018,

Miranda xo

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