My 2018 Resolutions

All my life I have never been one to go fully fledged into setting resolutions for each new year. My excitement at the passing of 12 months comes almost entirely from the blank slate that I imagine the month of January in a new year to be. I like change, and I like the excuse to declutter my mind, my surroundings and my life.

The idea that perhaps upon setting lofty resolutions, we are really setting ourselves up for disappointment if they don’t work out, came to me quite some time ago. I have been reflecting on this lately because I found myself setting resolutions this year, and I don’t believe that they are pitfalls of unhappiness in my life (lol).

Skincare: I would like to get better at washing my face this year.
Nutrition: I would like to meal prep more vegetables.
Athletic: I would like to improve my upper body strength.
Aesthetic: I would like to reduce my Body Fat % by 4%.
Career: I would like my online training business to become more successful.
Mindfulness: Restart my daily meditation and yoga practice.

I would also like to blog at least once a week, get a nutrition degree, and improve my gut health (I just finished a round of antibiotics for strep throat).

All of these resolutions or “goals”, are quite attainable. I think wholeheartedly that they will improve different aspects of my daily living. Making changes in your life will most likely make you happier, but I think it is also important to accept your life where you begin. Be grateful and love yourself right where you are while also working towards improving and evolving as a human being.

If you fall short of some of your resolutions, know that you tried and put in your best effort, and there is no time limit on your evolution as a person. You can always try again and again, loving yourself each step of the way.

Be positive even when it seems impossible.

Miranda xo

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