What a “Health Nut” Eats in a Day

The other night I went to my regular grocery store to pick up this week’s haul, and of the employees referred to me as “The Health Nut”. I mean, how awesome is that? I felt so accomplished that I decided to write a post about it! We talked a bit about some of our favourite health foods, and I realized just how similar our tastes were! Now I want to compare to all of you readers out there – here’s an idea of what I typically eat in a day! Now my question for you is the same, what’re some staples or mainstays in your daily eats?

I am most definitely a person with a sweet tooth, so aside from on the weekends where I might soft boil some eggs and have them with toast, I’m an oatmeal kind of girl. Today’s was cooked in almond-coconut milk, with chia seeds, coconut oil, cinnamon, vanilla and banana. I added an egg on the side for some extra protein, too. By the way, do you like the bowl? It’s so sunny and happy that I just had to pick it up! It’s also made in Portugal which is where my family is from. I also always have a big mug of tea to kick-start my day, and lately Ive been loving this one from Tazo, it pairs perfectly with vanilla almond milk! I was watching the news the other day, and this man who is an expert in tea was saying that much like how complex carbs give you a steady release of energy – the caffeine in tea does too! So cool!

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My lunches change day to day based on leftovers and what’s in my fridge, but what stays the same is this: lots of veggies to fill me up, some protein, complex carbs and healthy fats (hummus, avocado, etc.)! Today I had leftover greek marinated tofu, something I’ve been experimenting with, feta cheese and hummus, organic whole wheat couscous & a local made tatziki from Thrifty Food’s. Super easy, healthy and yummy!

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This changes day to day based off of what my family is having, as I usually modify their plates to a veggie version for myself! I forgot to take a pic of my dinner this day, so here’s a more recent one from another day. Tons of spinach and feta, greek herbs, nutritional yeast & non-gmo beets and butternut squash! Soo flavorful and delicious! The mainstays for any meal for me are the same balance of macronutrients that I had during lunch!

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Now, I’m a snacker, I feel like personally, snacking often helps me keep my energy levels up as I’m quite active, and I just feel all around better. Snacks for me usually consist of some fruit for natural energy, and some type of healthy fat with protein, like nuts/seeds/nut butter. Today I had some kiwi fruit, grapes and pecans at school.
My pre and post workout snacks were an apple, and some yogurt with organic raisins. (By the way, I got the 2 percent yogurt because it was cheaper than the higher fat ones I normally get.. and man, never again! Haha!) After dinner if I feel a sweet tooth, Ill have raspberries and dark chocolate. I usually have another small snack in the evening if I’m hungry, and today’s was cucumber with hummus and more tatziki.

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And there you have it – a fairly typical day of what I eat! Of course this changes day to day, and depends on how busy I am, and what food I have access too, but I try to stick to a balanced meal whenever possible! Add tons of water – and tea, and that’s pretty much it! I eat when I’m hungry, enjoy lots of veggies, but always leave room for something like dark chocolate if im feeling it!

Hope you enjoyed!

Wishing you above all health and happiness

– Miranda xo

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