Mindfully Miranda is Back!

Happy Monday everyone – I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend with great food, and great people! I have officially moved in to my new house and I could not be more thrilled! Things are still pretty crazy, but each day it gets more normal, and I am so excited to get back in to the swing of things! I’ve felt so bad about missing out on my normal routine – things like workouts, blogging, etc. but I most definitely needed to take that time off to move, unpack a bit and get settled (and REST, oh my goodness)! I don’t have a recipe lined up for this week (as of yet), as one I tried the other day was a total flop, but with a kitchen as gorgeous as my new one, there ain’t nothing keeping me away from cooking to my hearts content! (As soon as I can figure out how to work our new “Smart” Oven.. So smart we can’t figure it out!) Even though I’m not sure what posts will be out this week, I couldn’t leave my lovely blog readers with nothing this lovely Monday, so I thought a little “Loving Lately” Food recap is in order! So here we go, friends!

My first breakfast in our new place consisted of the only things left in my pantry, thankfully they’re my ultimate favourites! The usual toast, one with Adam’s PB the other with some natural yogurt and Crofter’s Organic Apricot Jam (my guilty pleasure), a sliced organic apple and a big ‘ole mug of tea! Typical Miranda breakfast to help fuel some major unpacking (and possibly the dragging of furniture up the stairs.. not gonna lie)


The first family breakfast in the new place was the best way to celebrate the new somewhat normalcy of our lives! We had the usual culprits present; Nature’s Path GF Waffles, Silver Hills Flax Toast, Scrambled Cage Free Eggs and some Crofter’s Organic Jam for spreading (oh, and bacon for the non-veggies in the fam). Coffee and tea always included!


The same day I attempted to make some healthy cookies.. but since our oven is currently dormant, I’m waiting to test out this recipe before I feature it on the blog – but here’s a sneak peek! (And check out those counters!)


It was my Mum’s birthday on Saturday, so I drove her out to our local Thrifty Foods and we picked up a slice of this fabulous cheesecake (I mean, look at how massive it is!!) to share amongst the fam as a little treat! It was divine!


Since breakfast is obviously my favourite meal of the day, I’ve constantly been having my new fave oatmeal recipe for breakfast! 1/2 c. oats, with 3 chopped dried dates soaked overnight in 1/4 c. egg whites, 1/4 c. almond milk and 1/3 c. water. In the morning I microwave it for 2-3 minutes and top it generously with Adam’s PB and it is perfect! Warm, slightly sweet and super filling (and not to mention, SO easy). Like my mug? My inner hippie absolutely loves it, and my slight OCD loves how it matches my fave Portuguese yellow bowl!


I finally jumped on the Chicken & Apple Sausage Band Wagon, and picked up some by the brand Tofurky the other day (because I am only human and like to treat myself sometimes, but I promise the ingredients are actually pretty clean)! It is delicious sauteed with some sweet potato coins and served with a side salad out of another (blue) Portuguese bowl!


This definitely isn’t food related (lol, imagine if it was!), but my Mum, sister and I went to the plant nursery yesterday, and this gorgeous little butterfly was hanging around! When she opens her wings, she’s completely hot pink! Such a cutie – and really friendly! Look at how close I got to her!


And for my photography loving self, I’m going to leave you all with the most gorgeous picture of the sunset from my parents bedroom! “Red skies at night, sailors delight, blue skies in ‘morn, sailors be warned..” Anyone remember that little rhyme? My Dad used to always say it to me when we’d drive home and see a red sunset!


I can’t wait to get to cooking in my new kitchen, and starting my Youtube channel, which a reader encouraged me to do the other day! As soon as that happens, you will all be the first to know!

Wishing you above all Health and Happiness

– Miranda xo

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