The Pursuit of Perfection

Between Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and the countless other platforms for sharing clips and snippets of our lives with those around us, it’s extremely easy to get caught up in the gloss of it all.
With beautifully executed photos, posts and videos on a constant swirl around us, it’s hard not to, and believe me, I found myself victim to the comparison game.
“There’s already someone doing that..”
Well they’re already famous for doing this so I shouldn’t..”
“There’s not enough room for me here..”
We need to stop this right now! There is an absolutely mind blowing abundance in this universe for all of us to shine! We are all so unique and we each bring something special and important to the “universal table”.
With each individual comes a different perspective, angle and opinion – a different way of looking at or approaching things, and we need to realize this here and now!
The Universe needs all of us to come into our own and embrace the talents we’ve been given. If we feel inclined to take on a project, go after a goal or dare to risk something, we need to take that prompt from the universe and allow it to channel through us.
Starting now I am going to do everything in my power to improve my blog. No more being scared or feeling like I am too new in such an established community to make a difference. The world needs my vision and your vision, so let’s go for it.
New videos every 2-3 days on my YouTube channel, 1 recipe post each week plus 1 random post on my blog. 
Keep on keepin’ on, folks! (And keep checking back here for more)
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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness
– Miranda xo

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