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Hey lovebugs and welcome back to Mindfully Miranda! Today I wanted to share some fun, tasty and delicious Vegan Kitchen Staples with you all! Hopefully this post will inspire you to perhaps try a new product, or test your hand at making a Vegan Meal the next time Meatless Monday rolls around! Enjoy!




To swap traditional refined sugar I use Truvia, in place of Dairy Milk/Creamer I dink Nut Milk (such as Almond, Soy or Cashew), and use Silk Soy Coffee Creamer in my coffee.


Vega Protein & Greens is a great way to get a morning protein-boost, and makes a hearty breakfast when paired with Whole Grain Rolled Oats! The perfect combo of slow releasing carbs, satiating protein and fiber (with an added 2 servings of hidden veggies)!


In place of traditional Refined White Flour Bread, I eat Sprouted Organic Whole Grain Bread, which is easier for your body to digest, and provides long-lasting energy. If I am looking for a sweet treat, Buckwheat Waffles from Nature’s Path are a delicious whole-grain vegan alternative to generic freezer-waffles.

Healthy Swaps / Healthy Fats:



I am all about the healthy fats and fiber that come from nuts, so I love using Coconut Flour in baking, Coconut Oil for frying/greasing and 100% Natural Peanut Butter for Bliss Balls, Toast and on top of Oatmeal! I also love Coconut Rolled Dates for an after dinner treat! Also, Olive Oil is a great staple to have on hand.

Lunch & Dinner:




For some fun veg-friendly products, I find having a good, clean ingredient-based pasta sauce on hand is a must, as well as some Brown Rice/Whole Wheat Pasta Noodles (in different varieties) to ensure you can make a healthy vegan dinner even when you’re in a pinch! I also swear by salads topped with beans and hummus (which is basically the #1 spread, dip, life gold, etc. and a must-have) and have recently been enjoying stir-frys made with the Buckwheat & Rice Ramen Noodles!

If you are looking for some close-counterparts to traditional grocery items, not only does Daiya have Cheddar Slices, as pictured, but they also have Shreds and Cream Cheese! Veganaise is the perfect Mayo replacement, and Tofurkey has an endless amount of Tofu-based products that taste almost identical to the “real deal”, such as sausages, burgers, “ground rounds”, and deli slices. You can also find Coconut Milk based Yogurt Alternatives, and Eggs can be replaced with “Chia Eggs” (1 Tbs Chia Seeds + 1 Tbs Warm Water, let sit until gel-like; replaces 1 egg).

The above products only touch upon the variety of fun, delicious and satisfying foods that you can include in a plant based diet! Of course I am also an advocate for all things fruit and vegetable, and so I make sure to include lots of fun and different veggies (think cruciferous veggies, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes etc.) into my daily round! I also think that having A TON of healthy whole-grains such as quinoa, lentils, chickpeas, couscous, brown rice, etc. on hand in your cupboard is essential. That along with lots of dried fruits (like dates, raisins, etc.) and roasted nuts makes for tons of staples that can be made into a variety of recipes!

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

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