Making It Happen: Goal Setting

Hello lovebugs and Happy Monday! I’m back today to talk about a subject that has been an essential factor in everything that is Mindfully Miranda, and that is Making It Happen.

You may be wondering, what exactly is “It”? My answer to you is that the subject of this “It” can be any thing you dream of, desire, or want. It can be your dream career, your dream house, your dream relationship, your dream health goal or all four!

I challenge you to think to yourself, “If I could have anything and everything I could ever want, what would those things be?”

Got an answer to that in your mind? Good, because today (or whenever you have a free moment) I want you to share in doing this manifesting activity with me. We are going to work on the “Law of Attraction” otherwise referred to as “The Secret” (which also has many other names, forms and ideas, but really is all the same deal).

Before I share with you 3 Tips on Making It Happen (and sending your Goals, Dreams and Desires out into the Universe) I want to tell you that the most essential step in achieving what you desire, is BELIEVING that you can, and knowing that you DESERVE it.

I truly stand by the fact that we can obtain all of our heart’s desires, but only if deep down we believe in ourselves and in the power of our dreams. The journey may take longer than expected, have unseen “bumps in the road”, but it will happen, so long as you keep believing and keep holding on. Trust me on this one, and even if you don’t right now, what’s harm in at least trying? You can only win here my friends.

Ready? Let’s Get Started.

Make a Visual

  • One of the first steps into manifesting your dreams, is to have an image of what they look like, not only in your mind, but in a tangible form, so that you can see, touch and feel them (if you wish, that may sound a bit creepy, but work with me here). This being said, go out to the Dollar Store (or equivalent) and buy a corkboard / white board / bristol board and get cracking. This doesn’t have to be “pretty” it just has to include pictures of your dreams. So look to magazines, flyers, advertisements or even Google Images for visual representations of your dreams. Once you’ve done that, cut / paste / pin them onto your board. Now you’ve got a visual reminder of what you are striving towards, and having all of your dreams together in one place is a powerful way of showcasing what you want your entire life to look like. (Mine includes a Studio Space, Office, 2015 VW Beetle and a Hot Guy. Just kidding on that last one.. maybe.)

Write It Down

  • This is a form of Manifestation that I can personally attest to working, and more than once for that matter. Now for me, I write my letters to both The Universe and A Higher Power, but depending on your beliefs, this may not be the route you choose. Whether it is or it isn’t, it still works, so long as you take pen to paper (I highly recommend handwriting this down in ink), and get your dreams out in this way. Now, you can either say “Thank you for my blessed life. I want..*insert here* to happen..” (depending on who you address it to) or you can start it with “I will have..” “I want *** to happen”, etc. Be creative, but speak IN THE POSITIVE. By this I mean, not saying “I don’t want *insert negative phrase here* to happen”, but rather saying “I want *positive* to happen”. This is where I say to BE SPECIFIC, TAKE YOUR TIME, AND HOLD NOTHING BACK. I have written separate letters for My Future Husband, My Career, My Home and My Family / Friends, in a very detailed way, practically right down to the Zodiac Sign of my “future man”, to where I want to work, how much money I want to make and to what kind of house I want to live in. Be detailed in your description, and make sure to include EVERYTHING you want, even though it may seem like “too much”. I want you to know that it’s never too much to The Universe / Higher Power.

Speak It, Feel It, Think It

  • Your thoughts become things, so what directly manifests into your life is a product of your thoughts. If you want a positive life, you must think positive thoughts. If you want something to happen, you have to believe that it has, and is already on it’s way. When you believe something, whether positive or negative, you give it POWER. So today I want you to choose to give your DREAMS power, give LIGHT power, give you HOPES power. Let the light in, and let positive thoughts radiate from your mind, into your words and into your life. Speak as if your dreams have already come true, be grateful as if they have already occurred as well. If you feel in your heart a prompt to go out and do something unusual (whether it be look at a house that’s for sale, apply for a job position, or speak to a kind stranger) DO IT. I believe that little whims like this are nudges from a Higher Power to help us move towards our dreams. But to achieve our dreams, we cannot only rely upon these whims, we must recognize our part in this equation, and think of ways that we can also work towards making our dreams happen. For me, that is keeping Mindfully Miranda alive and strong until I receive my degree as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor, while also working on the weekends to save up for my degree, and finishing High School (I’m in my Grad Year currently). Sometimes I feel discouraged, and I feel as though I don’t have enough energy in me to accomplish all of this, but I find a way out of that by knowing in my heart that my dreams will come true. I want my dreams to occur more than ANYTHING and I will work my ass off until I am there, period. I know what I want my life to look like, and I will believe in that as well. It’s about prioritizing our dreams, and getting it done to the best of our ability. (No one is perfect, I slip up all the time, but I work towards picking myself back up again.)

Have It.

Your dreams are what you were put on this Earth for. You are here to do great things through achieving your dreams. And you deserve to live a beautiful, bountiful life, so go out there and do it. 

I Believe In You.

Here’s to Letting the Light In.

Mindfully Miranda #2

Wishing you above all Health and Happiness

Miranda xo


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