My Top 3 Tips to Stay on Track!

So you’ve got the intention, you’ve got the motivation, and you’ve got the desire to better your health not only for your own sake, but so you can in turn show up better for all of the other aspects of life that demand your attention.

That’s golden, and I am so proud of you, it is a major accomplishment to choose to put your health first, and that is honestly the main goal behind everything I do here with Mindfully Miranda. That being said, I want to encourage you along each and every part of your journey so you can consistently show up for yourself.

To help you do that, today I am going to be sharing with you My Top 3 Tips to Stay on Track !

These are a bunch of little life-hacks that I’ve put together to help you get the chance to make your health a priority in your life so that you can start living your version of a healthy, happy life. (aka my blog tagline, just sayin’)

Mindfully Miranda #1

Tip #1: Meal Prep your way to Success!

Not sure where to start? Go grocery shopping on Sunday with your weekly Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners in mind. Load up on fruits, veggies, healthy grains and beans, tofu, tempeh (or your protein of choice), as well as organic dairy, etc. keeping in mind how many meals you will be making out of these ingredients. I recommend writing out a weekly meal plan based off of favourite healthy dishes you can find on my Pinterest Boards, and work around that. Some great ideas to save time is to make “Snack Sacks” aka pre-portioning out snacks (like homemade protein bliss balls, some nuts and dried fruit and a banana, etc.) and storing them individual bags in the fridge to grab-n-go. This takes the guesswork out of portioning, and ensures you have a healthy snack on hand at all times. You can also make “Smoothie Bags” by putting frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seeds, spinach and dates, etc. into individual bags in the freezer, so in the morning all you have to do is throw it in a blender with some almond milk and go!

Tip #2: Schedule your Workouts

This is a tip I find especially helpful, as it makes working out a priority. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting or event with no notice and/or no real reason, would you? You are your greatest friend, and your most important client, so you should treat yourself as such when it comes to your workouts! I personally keep a weekly planner in which I write out my workouts or workout classes so that always have a plan. I find following a routine helps you to form a habit, and having a good sweat session be your habit is a good thing! I tend to go to the gym at the same time every day as well, so I recommend looking at your schedule and finding a realistic 1-hour slot that you can pencil in daily. Since I follow Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, I simply keep a coil notebook with all of my Resistance Training Circuits written out, and simply organize what days I’m doing Resistance and what days I’m doing Cardio, which fills up my week!

Tip #3: No Time? Wake up Earlier!

If you are serious about your health, but find your schedule gets in the way, try waking up an hour earlier. Sound absurd? Next time you’re about to hit play on the next episode of a Netflix series even though the clock reads 11pm, put the remote down and get some shut eye! If going to bed an hour earlier means you can get in a quick at-home workout the next morning before you jet off to work, it’s worth your while! Not only will you feel refreshed and awake, you’ll have more energy, and will have already gotten your workout for the day done! That’s a big deal in my books.



So here’s to seizing each moment, making something out of nothing, and living as authentically and unapologetically as possible. I believe in you, I am here for you, and I will always be here to support and encourage you.

Mindfully Miranda #2

Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

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