Mindfully Miranda’s Peach Pyramid Circuit Workout

Welcome back lovebugs! Inspired by today’s awesome booty workout (gotta love Monday Leg Days), today I’m coming at you with a little *Peach* Workout, obviously in my fave style: the Pyramid Circuit.

Stretchy Miranda

To break it down, a Pyramid Circuit follows the shape of an upside-down triangle. There are more reps when you begin your workout, and then they slowly reduce by 5-10 reps as you complete each move in the circuit. Here’s what it looks like for the lower body:


Your Moves:

  1. Fire Hydrants

2. Booty Lifts

3. Donkey Kicks

4. Bridge Pulses (Add a hold, in the bridge position, for the same number of seconds that you did in                                        reps. So, for example: 30 reps completed on either side means you hold for 30                                                seconds once you’ve completed your reps)

Your # of Reps per Circuit Round:

Round 1: 30 reps each side

Round 2: 20 reps each side

Round 3: 10 reps each side (optional: add weights)


How to do it? Start with Fire Hydrants, and do 30 reps on either side. Move on to Booty Lifts, and do another 30 reps on either side. Complete each move following with the same number of reps until you are back at the Fire Hydrants. Now, do 20 reps on either side for the Fire Hydrants. Go on to the next move and do the same until you’ve completed the circuit, and finish with the 10 reps on either side. If you want, you can also add a weight balanced in you knee for extra burn.

I like to do this workout at the end of my traditional Kayla Itsines’ Leg Day Workout to really get my heart rate up and shape a svelte lower body. I am also a fan of drop sets on the leg press and leg extension machines, but that is pretty self-explanatory.

This week’s YouTube VLOG should include some footage for this workout, so stay tuned to my YouTube Channel: youtube.com/missmirandat

Also, as a disclaimer, ensure that your body is properly warmed up before performing any exercise, and also remember to stretch when you are done to prevent injury, tightness and unnecessary soreness. 

Contemplative Miranda

Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

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