If you want a little bit more insight into my life, I am extremely active on both Instagram and Snapchat, where you can easily find me at the handle @missmirandat !

Hey there! I guess if you found your way onto this page its because you’re a little bit more curious about me – the gal behind Mindfully Miranda (seriously, its a dream getting to say that)! I am a 19 year-old from British Columbia, Canada, residing with my amazing Scottish Dad, Portuguese Mum, not-so baby sister and slew of fursiblings. I am my family’s crazy Vegan (for the animals!!) Health Nut – but wouldn’t want it any other way! I have a serious love of breakfast paired with a huge mug of coffee (and aaaaaall the fresh fruit I can get my hands on), Weightlifting, Running, Yoga, watching sickly-sweet Romantic Comedies, going shopping, reading funny fitness memes online and dancing like a crazy fool just to make people laugh. I love to read, and have always wanted to pursue a career that involves writing – which led me to creating this blog, and my own Personal Training Business, Mindfully Miranda. I achieved my Personal Training Certification through CanFitPro in July of 2017. My dream is to write my own book, contribute to health magazines and websites, helping as many people as possbile!

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I began my health journey over three years ago with the simple goal of achieving confidence in myself and renewed energy for life. Obviously that’s easier dreamt of than done, and after a few bumps in the road – I’ve finally found myself at a place where I am happy spiritually, mentally and physically. I created my blog because when I began my own health journey, I was so confused and scared by all of the contradicting information regarding health that I found online – something that ended up being detrimental to my own health! I knew immediately after finally achieving balance in my life that I needed to help share what I had learned with the world, and prevent others from falling into confusion about something that should be simple! A holistic approach to health honors your mind, body and spirit, and is perhaps the kindest way that you can treat your body because it is based on awareness and respect.

My passion for health and fitness is something that I love sharing with the world, and my blog is my outlet for sharing quality information and advice with all of you lovely readers! I believe that we all deserve to be happy in our own bodies, here and now – and I want to help (even in the smallest way) to guide you to that mindset. There is nothing about me that makes it easier to be healthy – and I want that kind of realness to be the basis of my blog! I want you to feel like you can relate to me (and to my desire to watch Netflix and eat Nibs for days, lol), but I also want to inspire you to push past the struggle and put an effort into your own wellbeing as a way of saying thank-you to the Universe and to your own body for constantly being there for you.


(Don’t take life to seriously .. take it from this goofball.)

I have big dreams for Mindfully Miranda – and I want nothing more than to have you along for this amazing journey so that we can grow, evolve and learn together.

So smile, laugh, fall in love and go after your dreams with abandon – we are only promised this moment.

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