Want to train the Mindfully Miranda way? I am a CanFitPro Personal Trainer, and my ultimate goal through Mindfully Miranda is to help you achieve your best version of a healthy, happy life. I offer a variety of different online training packages, that you can choose to best suit your goals, time constraints, and lifestyle.

If you are located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada, I also offer In-Person Training Sessions. You can email me at for inquiries and to book a consultation.

One Month Training + Macro Consult 


Three Month Training + Macro Consult


Six Month Training + Macro Consult


Nine Month Training + Macro Consult


One Year Training + Macro Consult


What does a Training Package with me offer?

  • A customized workout plan tailored to your goals: I offer both At-Home or Gym Workouts, with a different workout for each day – no repeats! We are going to be consistently changing things up to keep your workouts interesting, fun and challenging. I will tailor your program to the number of days per week you can commit to a workout.
  • Cardio Guidelines: Whether your goal is fat loss, or just overall better health, I will provide you with the guidelines for cardio workouts. I will include a variety of options, such as swimming, biking, walking, running, dance, treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, etc. – you decide how you want to sweat it out!
  • Check-Ins + Updates: What inspires you? Whether you want weekly check-ins, daily reminders, or inspirational quotes sent to your inbox, I will accommodate what motivates YOU!
  • Macro Consult: Nutrition plays a key role in achieving your goals, using the IIFYM Macro Counting Calculator, I will tailor customized Macros to meet your goals every step of the way, with adjustments made to suit each phase of training. Have questions about how to count? That’s what I’m here for. Want recipe or meal ideas? Look no further! My Macro Consult will help take the guesswork out of Nutrition for you so you can focus on clocking in your workouts and seeing quality results.

When we will get started?

After I have received confirmation of your purchase via PayPal, I will send over the documents I need you to fill out in order for me to get a better idea of your lifestyle, current health and goals. After you’ve sent them over, you can expect your Program to be emailed to you within 5 days. 

Why choose an Online Trainer?

The options with Online Personal Training are limitless! You can workout whenever you choose to, wherever you choose to without the hassle of scheduling, paying an overhead fee to a Personal Trainer at a gym, or limiting your session to just an hour long. Contrary to In-Person Training, going this route is also much more cost effective ($100 a month versus $50 per session) and I am always just an email away! You can workout from the comfort of your own home using just a set of dumbbells and a bench/chair/etc. Its convenient, efficient and easy. 


DISCLAIMER: All Training Programs purchased electronically cannot be refunded after purchase, due to the nature of the product.