• Mindfulness
  • Worthlessness

    What do we define our worth by? What does worth even mean to us? Is it the dictionary definition? The number of zeros on our pay check, the person we marry, the amount of weight we can bench press or even the number we see on the scale? Are we only worthy after we’ve exhausted […]

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  • Plant Based Eating

    For anyone whose ever toyed with the idea of trying a more plant based diet, I wanted to bring you this blog post, does the recipes I will be sharing with you today are some simple ways to get started. You can tweak (or twerk) these to suit your needs and wants, which is the real […]

  • Health and Wellness
  • Authenticity

    Authenticity. What does the word mean to you? This is an interesting topic when it comes to the fitness and health industry. It seems as though at every corner of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, there is some bodybuilder/gymrat/health junkie promoting a new supplement brand, a “skinny tea”, or a clothing line. People need to make […]

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  • The Resolution

    The ball has dropped, confetti thrown, and the champagne drunk. This New Year has been thrust upon us, and the 363 days that lay ahead are akin to an illustrious mirage in the desert. Product of what our imaginations can conjure up, the future is much the same. So close your eyes.. what do you […]